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Building Online Foundations for Values-Based Businesses

Do you have a life-changing message and a big vision to share with the world but technology always seems to block your path? Do you still need the right foundations in place so you can get on with bringing your vision to life?

If the following sound familiar…

  • You’ve spent hours trying to get something to work that you know should only have taken minutes.
  • You know that fiddling around building your website isn’t really the best use of your time.
  • Sadly, technology just doesn’t seem to be your friend…
  • You can finally admit that your insistence to do everything yourself is holding your business back.
  • You’re ready to grow your business, and commit to its success. Oh. So. Ready.
  • You wish someone would just set it all up for you, so it’s ready for you to roll with.

…Welcome! You’re in the right place.

If you’re a change-maker, a light-worker and you run a business in the Wellness, Spiritual and Self Development fields, we can help you get the right online foundations in place for YOUR business.

The THREE Most Common Reasons We Don’t Get Support (Even When We Desperately Need It!)

Reason #1: “I’ve got the time to do it myself – may as well save some money.“

The truth is that there are a 1,001 things you could be doing at any one time to build your business, but are you doing the right ones?

When you free yourself up from time-consuming tasks out of your usual skill set, you gain clarity to focus on the highest impact, highest level tasks that are going to move your business forward the fastest. Consider these scenarios:

  • Why are you fiddling around trying to set up your website, when you could be writing a new online course for your audience?
  • Why are you fighting to to set up your email marketing series, when you could be plotting your latest book?
  • Why are you researching the best way to take online calendar bookings, when you could be running a webinar to market and sell your latest coaching package?

…let us set things up for you right (the first time), so you can focus on the HIGHEST impact activities for your business.

Reason #2: “I just need a few more clients to be able to afford you.”

If you’re on the cusp of investing in some help but you don’t quite feel you can justify it, consider this: How/when are you going to find the time to get those new clients?

If you’re unsure of the answer, here’s what our goal is: To free up more of your time, so you can quickly start growing your business and MORE THAN cover the investment you’re making by working with the Rescue Desk.

Reason #3: “I want to learn to do it myself so I’m not reliant on anyone”

We would highly recommend that you learn some key basic skills to help you manage your online presence and be able to make key changes when you need them.

There comes a time however (and a level) at which this becomes detrimental to your business because you’re spending so much time learning skills that won’t actually help you better serve your audience or help you run/grow your business. Ask yourself this: They may be ‘nice to have’ skills but do they truly add to your bottom line?

How We Can Help

We have a range of support options, designed for business owners at different stages in their journey…

⇒ If you’re not quite ready to outsource and are still in DIY mode but need to do things faster, more efficiently and with a LOT less hassle, try our DIY Rescue Desk →

⇒ If you need better foundations in place that give you more control, less stress and a more solid platform for business growth, try our Rescue Desk Foundations →

⇒ If you’re ready for faster growth, you’re done DIYing and want a team who can proactively help you get things done, try our Rescue Desk Support Plans →

What We Help With

Whether you want to DIY or have us do it for you, on an ongoing basis, we’ll be your behind-the-scenes tech support team helping to keep things running smoothly in the background.

Here’s an idea of the kinds of tasks we can do for you or help you complete yourself:

  • WordPress support – updating your site themes, plugins, and core installation, taking back-ups and more.
  • Content support – basic editing and proof-reading of your blog posts, pages, social media updates and newsletters.
  • Multimedia creation – creating brand-matched graphics/buttons/images for your site & social media activities.
  • Social Media support – updating and customising your profiles.
  • Online Admin support – creating payment buttons, updating product details, calendar scheduling, and more.

We are very familiar with the following tools and services:

  • Website Platforms: WordPress, HTML
  • WordPress Themes: Headway, WooThemes
  • WordPress Premium Plugins: Gravity forms, Wishlist, MemberMouse, Backup Buddy, ManageWP
  • Mailing list providers: Aweber & Mailchimp
  • Hosting: Bluehost, WP Engine, C-panel
  • Selling & Payment Options: Paypal, Ejunkie, 1ShoppingCart, SendOwl & Gumroad
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, Tumblr
  • Business Software: Google Apps, Gmail, Amazon S3
  • Webinar software: GoToMeeting
  • Other tools: LeadPages, Vimeo, SoundCloud, PicMonkey, BufferApp, HelloBar and more

We focus on quality not quantity and we know that we do our very best work for a certain type of business owner. For this reason, our services are currently invite-only or by referral from an existing client.

LW-2012-SquareHello! I’m Lea Woodward. I head up Team Rescue Desk – an amazing team of all-female techies who are adept at all things technology and who obsess about tiny details like I do.

Professionally, I’m a Business Strategist and Implementation Specialist – which means I’m good at planning and putting the plans into place. I run a number of my own businesses, alongside the Rescue Desk.

I’m also a recovering control freak – someone who insisted on doing everything in my business myself, until I realised that there are people better than I am, at doing the things I hate doing!

I am intimately acquainted with the conversations that happen in your head about getting things started ‘properly’, and I know just how scary it can feel to be on the cusp of what feels like a huge step up

If some or all of the above resonates with you, but you’re still unsure about getting support to put better foundations in place for your business, let’s talk.

I offer a complimentary 30-minute ‘Rescue Call’ to talk about your business, what might be missing and how we could potentially help fill those gaps with better foundations to help you grow your business…

Book a Rescue Call directly in Lea’s calendar here to find out more about how we can help →